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people keep talking about ipads (and other e-readers) as the salvation for print – in particular, for newspapers and magazines. (books, on the other hand, aren’t really in need of salvation, so for the book industry the e-readers are more of a threat, it seems.) the idea, it seems, is basically this: people don’t want to pay for access to news on a website. but apparently, they do want to pay for apps on iphones and ipads. so let’s sell news as apps!

and the prime example, above them all, is wired magazine, whose first ipad app sold 110,000 copies at $3.99. of course that first app was news itself, so the numbers have gone down since – but according to wired editor-in-chief chris anderson, in an interview with jon lund, they still sell “in the multiple tens of thousands” per month.

that’s a little more modest, of course, when compared to a monthly circulation in print of 750,000 (at $4.99). but hey, if it doesn’t cost them much, it still turns a profit right? well, it turns out that it does cost them a lot.



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